Portable Ventilators

MEDISYS offers several portable ventilators, electronic and pneumatic, to meet the demands of hospitals and nursing homes.  While designing, much attention has been given to the safety, compactness and operational simplicity of each model. The latest addition is the Transpocare which is very handy and can be operated on electricity or in-built battery.

Transpocare Ventilator

The Transpocare Ventilator is a simple to use resuscitator for ventilating patients during transport and at any emergent situations. It is very portable due to its light weight and small size. It is designed with internal turbine for delivery of gas and so needs no bulky oxygen cylinder. Most importantly, any emergent and life threatening situation demands simple operation with minimum settings. Keeping this in mind, the Resuscitator has been provided with a single knob for setting of Frequency with expected tidal volume. The unit can be run on mains AC or internal rechargeable battery. A fully charged battery can run for 4 hours approximately. The Resuscitator provides for a single limb breathing circuit with an expiratory valve at the patient end. A mask with head harness is provided for Non-invasive ventilation.


  • Demand flow and timed mandatory breaths
  • Simple to operate
  • Battery backup for 4 hours
  • Light weight and portable
  • Provision of oxygen enrichment




Ventilation type


Mode of ventilation

spontaneous / timed


Frequency of timed breath


adult: 10-20 bpm, child:

22 -32 bpm



disconnection / low battery


AC 220V, 50Hz or 12 V DC

Internal battery

12V 3.5 AH, lead-acid

Battery backup

4 hours


18cm x 12cm x 7 cm


4 kg.

Portavent Ventilator

Item Code: Portavent

Portavent Ventilator is a pneumatically operated ventilator. It is Time cycled and provides Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV). It may be used as a Transport Ventilator or for long term ventilation in Wards. The ventilator is supplied in a carrying case complete with Oxygen Regulator, Pipeline adaptor, High pressure tubing with end fittings and Breathing Circuit with drug Nebulizer.


  • Easy portability.
  • Compact.
  • Simple to use.


Mode of Operation

Controlled Time Cycled

Power Source

Oxygen/Air at 50 P.S.I.

Flow rate

10-90 Liters/min. (after Venturi)

Inspiratory Time

0.5-2.5 sees. (Approx)

Expiratory Time

0.5-5 sees. (Approx)

Max. Positive Pressure

60 cm. H20


22 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm


2.5 Kgs



Resusvent Ventilator

Resusvent Ventilator is pneumatically powered time cycled ventilator for controlled mechanical ventilation suitable for emergency and transportation. The set parameters are tidal volume, rate, selection of oxygen concentration and continuous oxygen flow rate for spontaneous ventilation. It also provides for pneumatic suction inbuilt into the system and a manual override. The ventilator is compact enough to be packed along with the accessories in a carrying case for easy transportation.




23cm x 21 cm x 12 cm


3.5 Kg


Pneumatically Controlled Time Cycled CMV, Manual & Spontaneous

Tidal Volume

200 CC to 1200 CC

Breaths Per Minute


Oxygen Concentration

60% & 100%

Manual Override

Push Button for Hyper Ventilation


Audio-Visual Alarm for Disconnection, Source Pressure Failure, Airway Obstruction, HIP & LIP

Pneumatic Suction

(-) 300 mm of Hg

Manual Suction

(-) 600 mm of Hg

100% Oxygen Delivery

1 to 10 LPM in One Rotation Upto 30 LPM in the next Rotation

Oxygen Cylinder

Light Weight Imported Almn. Cylinder Pin-Indexed Type