Paediatric Ventilator

The ventilator is very simple and safe for newly born babies and other pediatric patients. Widely accepted technique of continuous flow for ventilation of such patients has been adopted in NEOCARE ventilator. The ventilator provides the standard modes of ventilation and CPAP function  separately.

Neocare Neonatal Ventilator

Item Code: Neocare

It is microprocessor controlled and pneumatically operated ventilator for neonatal, infant and pediatric patients. Both volume and pressure limiting features have been added to reduce the possibilities of Volume Trauma or Barotrauma. The unit also incorporates triggering by flow and pressure together and sensing is done at the proximal to the patient. That makes the triggering very sensitive required for babies. The unit offers option to select the inspiratory and expiratory flow separately. Closed feed back system has made the Control of FiO2 very accurate.


  • Large LCD display
  • Both volume & pressure limiting
  • Apnea backup ventilation
  • Pressure control ventilation
  • Servo controlled FiO2
  • Monitoring of patient data
  • Both flow and pressure triggering
  • Automatic calibration of Oxygen sensor
  • Alarm Log

Technical Specifications:

Recommended application

Neonatal, Infant and Paediatric patients


2-25 litre per minute

Tidal Volume

6 to 300 ml

Modes of operation

AC, SIMV/IMV, CPAP with backup ventilation and Standby

Inspiratory time

0. 2 to 3. 0 seconds

I : E ratio

1:1 to 1 : 10 (AC ) 1:1 to 1 : 60 ( SIMV );
Inverse 1:1 to 4 : 1


1 to 150 breaths per minute


Flow triggering (1-10 lpm ) & Pressure Triggering
(0.5 - 8 cmH2O )

Expiratory pressure

0 to 20 cmH2O

Inspiratory pressure limit

5 to 50 cmH2O


0 to 40 cmH2O


High / Low inspiratory pressure, High/Low Tidal Vol, High/Low FiO2, loss of inlet gas, Apnea & electrical power failure

Alarm mute

30 seconds

Safety Pressure Relief

15 to 50 cmH2O


Large 12.1 inches graphical LCD